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GpgFrontend: Your OpenPGP Companion

GpgFrontend stands as a premier, cross-platform, user-friendly, and compact tool for all your OpenPGP encryption needs. Designed for both beginners and experts in data security, GpgFrontend simplifies encryption, decryption, and digital signing, offering a seamless interface for managing OpenPGP tasks. Embrace the latest features of GnuPG 2.x, enhancing your security in the digital age.

Document Version Reference: v2.1.3

User Interface Glimpse

Note: GpgFrontend’s appearance may vary across different operating systems and themes. Always refer to the corresponding version of the software for the most accurate documentation.

GpgFrontend Interface

Project Origins and Mission

GpgFrontend inherits its core from the stable and user-friendly gpg4usb project, aiming to introduce OpenPGP’s new features while maintaining simplicity and accessibility. My goal is to ensure data security, making GnuPG’s powerful tools available to all, regardless of technical expertise.

A Commitment to Freedom and Security

As a solo-maintained open-source project, GpgFrontend is a testament to the power of community and the pursuit of privacy. It remains forever free, inviting contributions, suggestions, and feedback from users worldwide.

Explore the Source

Dive into the development journey on GitHub, where every line of code, each update, and user feedback converge to refine and enhance GpgFrontend.

License and Contributions

Licensed under GPL-3.0, GpgFrontend champions open-source values. Contributions are not just welcomed but essential—whether through issue reports, pull requests, or code patches via email.

Ensuring Your Privacy

With a serverless design, GpgFrontend guarantees your data stays yours alone. For those requiring extra security layers, future versions will offer offline functionality, further solidifying its stance as a privacy-first tool.

GpgFrontend is more than software; it’s a commitment to secure, accessible, and open communication for everyone. Join us in this journey, where your security and privacy are paramount.