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Translate Interface

GpgFrontend is designed to support multiple languages, but requires volunteer contributions to achieve this goal. Fortunately, translation work does not require an understanding of difficult technology. Volunteers simply need to use their skills to get the job done and make it accessible to everyone.

Work Offline

What you need to know about translation work

From v2.1.2, GpgFrontend uses the Qt translation support library Qt Linguist in the Qt project. Before starting everything, you need to know something about this library. After you are sure about the content of the document, you can first try to see how GpgFrontend uses the tools provided by this library.

About translation files

  1. Download or clone source code HERE
  2. You will find some ts files(.ts) at path resource/lfs/locale/ts
  3. Add a new language: Create a new file; see locale codes.
  4. To edit or update an existing language, navigate to the path resource/lfs/locale/ts.

Before starting your work

In order to facilitate coordination, please contact me via email before you start this work. This is very important, please contact me first so that the work you do can be better used by GpgFrontend.

Updates to Translation Work Process

  • For correcting existing translations: You can directly modify the ts files and then send them to me via email.
  • For adding a new language translation: If you’re unfamiliar with the process, you can request a new ts file by emailing me. I will provide you with the necessary file to start the translation for the new language.

Hand in your work

You can submit your great work in two ways:

  1. Raise a pull request and merge the changed translation file(s) to the repository.
  2. Email ME. Please attach the changed ts file in the email.